Monday, December 28, 2015

1/72-scale Soviet foot

Blessedly, I have reached the end of re-basing Tim's Soviet infantry! Whew. There were over 100 single figures to do in order to flesh out the Memoir units I was creating.

I picked out what I think are the most distinctive poses. These are a mixture of plastics and metals.

Some of the plastics are quite stocky and I wonder if they are Plastic Soldier Company?

Others looks like ESCI plastics. Who made the middle guy below with the coat and winter hat?

Overall, this is an impressive army of Russians!

Up next: A 2015 wrap-up, some 2016 plans and then on to some Battlelore figures.


scfleming50 said...

Bob, the other figures in greatcoats are RAFM/Platoon 20, as are some of those in summer uniform, and would be metal rather than plastic. Stephen

Bob Barnetson said...