Monday, December 21, 2015

Some games for sale!

My plan this year is to get rid of a bunch of stuff I have not been using. First up are a bunch of board games. 

Lord of the Rings cooperative game, base set. New is $60; I'd take $30.

Betrayal at House on the Hill cooperative game with tile building and differently themed story lines. New is $60; I'd take $30. SOLD!

Shadows Over Camelot cooperative game. New is $70, I'd take $30.

Wilderness Empires, new two player FIW game. New was $70; I'd take $30.

Washington's War: A reprint of We The People, the first card driven wargame. New is $60; I'd take $30. SOLD!B

Sea Kings, a viking game with quick mechanics and lots of interaction. New is $60; I'd take $30.

Mississippi Queen: Race steam boats down the Mississippi with a new race course each time you play. German edition (makes no difference) with English rules included. A good game with kids. I'd like $30.

Babylon: A tiny game (the box is 4 inches square) which has two rules and plays quickly. Free to the first person to buy a game.

Pick up is free; shipping is at cost. Will trade for first generation Battlelore figures. Offers to

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