Friday, December 20, 2013

Jadgpanthers with hunting stripes

A few more 15mm Battlefront WW2 tanks. Tonight a pair of Jadgpanthers in traditional hunting stripes for Normandy.

The lighting obscures the pattern a bit, but it is thick olive stripes with a brown border over mustard.

The tanks come with these handy little houses to ambush from. I'm not sure how I will deal with the houses year. Likely a base colour, dry brush highlight and wash with a tiny bit of flock to anchor them in nature/

Up next: After a week of pre-Xmas sickness, I'm back at the painting table with a lot of 15mm WW2 German infantry. Trying to replicate two different camo patterns (in 15mm!). Plus a couple of 88mm ATGs. Then maybe a break with some 1/72s and then back to the rest of the 15mm Germans.

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