Sunday, December 29, 2013

15mm German Artillery

I'm almost at the end of this 15mm WW2 German commission and today I have pushed some artillery out the door.

These are Battlefront models, with four guns in the unit. I've been experimenting with a bit more vertical in my basing (hence the tree trunk on the base below) to add some additional relief.

There are a couple of nice pieces with this set. Below there is a motorcycle with sidecar. Total pain in the butt to assemble but a nice enough piece.

There is also a base of forward observers.

The nice piece, though, is the staff base below, where Opa has gathered his kin folk around the table to plot a barrage. There is a radio guy, a fellow taking steno and a vaguely disinterested rifleman. Plus a command base.

Up next: Tomorrow some 15mm pioneers and then some 15mm Russians for New Years Eve. After that, I'm working my through 1/72 scale cops and robbers.

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