Thursday, December 26, 2013

15mm buildings

The two 15mm jadgpanthers I recently painted each came with a building as an ambush site. These are handily little generic buildings: being plaster over brick, they could be used almost anywhere in Europe.

I did a quick bit of block painting and a wash. To try and jazz them up a bit, I found some 15mm WW2 posters on line and printed some out to affix to the walls.

Look at the pictures, these buildings could use just a tiny hint of dead grass at the base of the walls (where the rubble is piled) to make them "sit" in the landscape and I may go downstairs and add a few blades here and there.

Up next: I have a bunch more 15mm WW2 underway--just finishing up the camo on the jackets and helmets. Then onto flesh, webbing and weapons. Depending on how the days go, these should show up sometime before New Years Eve.

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