Monday, December 30, 2013

15mm pioneers with Goliath

Today we have a mess of 15mm WW2 German pioneers. There are nine bases of rifleman carrying demolition gear and whatnot.

This has always been among my favourite MG poses. Not very good for Fritz-on-the-bottom's hearing but a nice poses. One of the first sets of metal WW2 figures (20mm from somewhere in Europe in 1986) that I got had a standing version of this pose.

The engineering gear is interesting, with mines, demolition charges and satchels. Again with the vertical trees trunk.

I also finished off the three bases of panzerschrek that I needed for the infantry company.

I'm pretty happy with the how the camo turned out and how the wash brought up some of the details of the weapons.

Up next: Some 15mm Russians to finish off this commission.

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