Saturday, September 22, 2012

More HoTT Hallowe'en

I've moved some more figures to completion in my HoTT Hallowe'en themed army. These are 28mm figures I've picked up at various auctions and flea markers.

First up we have a witch (magician) and the headless horseman (sans horse). Not sure if he is a (anti)hero or perhaps a sneaker?

I have two bases of possessed trees (GW dryads) that I would classify as spear. And below there are two bases of spiders (beasts).

Finally, there is this charming fellow on a tombstone. I first thought flyer. But maybe it would also work as a god?

Up next: I have the remainder of this army (two lurkers and a camp) that I am basing right now. I have also started on a bunch of 15mm cavalry for Mark. Fortunately, these guys are all fairly uniform so they should go fairly quickly. And Bruce is going to drop by Tuesday for a game of Star Trek Fleet Captains.


Unknown said...

I think the Headless Horseman would be a good anti-hero, as long as it didn't screw up your point total.

Amazing painting as usual, Bob!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Christopher--dry brushing, wet on wet and the dip really help hapless painters such as myself. I won't win a golden demon but good enough for the girls i go with.