Thursday, September 13, 2012

28mm Inn

With the weekend approaching, I wanted to finish off one last thing before taking a short break. What I settled on last night was this 28mm inn. This is a GW plastic model I picked up at a swap meet.

There was a bit more detail than I might like--typical GW with lots of skulls and stars and whatnot. Some I painted and some I painted over. All told a bit bright for my taste but good enough for what I need. The flash makes it a bit brighter in this photo than in real life.

Up next: I have some 15mm cavalry built and primed. I also have some 28mm ring wraiths about half painted--need to so some detailing and then dip them. Looking through my boxes of crap, I see I have enough odds and ends to do a nice Hallowe'en themed HoTT army so that will be my next project.


Unknown said...

Like the colours you put on the Inn, Bob!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Christopher. Trying to distract from the dozens of skulls on the walls with bright trim!

Unknown said...

You are fast and good. Well done.