Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More sewer creatures

As I work my way through the painting pile, I came across some more plastic aliens that I got from Tim in a trade. More 28mm GW tyranids, I think.

I used the same treatment on these as I did on the previous batch so they would look like the came from the same hive when they pour out of the sewers of gotham one night.

These are nice looking figures. I'm not fan of GW's business model and I wouldn't normally buy any of their products but the figures are very nice. Not sure if I will bother texturing the bases.

Up next: Some hex-based entrenchments from children's modeling clay. And a game of Maurice with Bruce on Wednesday. I'm not sure what comes after that.


Scott M said...

They're Genestealers from their Tyranid line.

tim said...

Nicely done, Bob.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks guys.

Genestealers? I think they will be jean-stealers in my Gotham scenario.