Saturday, April 14, 2012

FS 28mm Star Wars vehicles

I have for sale five 28mm Star Wars vehicles. I picked these up awhile back as part of a project and have either replaced them or decided I don't need them so I'd like to move them on. All have been washed and based on 60mm frontages. I would expect they would come off their bases with a quick soak to loosen the white glue.

First up are two speeder bikers. These are metal from the Titanium series. The riders are roughly  consistent with the new Star Wars plastics (about 32mm?) that have come out and are a bit bigger than the old WEG Star Wars figures.

There are also two AT-RTs. Again metal Titanium series figures. These fellows are slightly smaller than the guys riding the bikes and match (almost exactly) the new Wizards Star Wars figures.

Finally there is this 28mm AT-ST. This is a plastic vehicle and has nice battle damage painted on it.

I'd like $55 OBO plus shipping (about $15 in Canada or to the US) for the lot. I'm not prepared to break this lot up. Offers to


Don said...

Pretty sweet lot Bob. I'm sure you will have a taker soon.

Bob Barnetson said...