Friday, April 20, 2012

Miscellaneous 6mm buildings

I play a fair number of hex-based games and picked up a bunch of cities on 4" hex bases a couple of years back on TMP. I've painted up some before and I'm now working my way to the bottom of my project box so I did a few more.

I knocked these two off in about an hour the other night while waiting for some glue to dry. Nothing fancy but good enough to give the board some life when I need to represent a built up area.

Up next: I finished some 28mm renaissance musketeers and the wash is drying now. I hope to have them based tomorrow. After that I will move on to something else--maybe more renaissance--we'll see what else is kicking around in boxes and drawer. I also keep mulling painting my Battlelore figures.


James said...

Those are pretty neat. Nice scheme, really brings them to life.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks James. Yeah, they are alright. quite basic resin home casts a fellow did but they have a certain feel. I spent a lot of time on some a year or two back and then these I did as fast as possible and I'm not sure there is a big difference in outcome. I like that they fit in the hexes.