Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cars for gotham

With a few buildings under my belt, I have been looking around for some other scenery for the streets of Gotham. I ran across a period car from Hot Wheels while out with my daughter the other night.

It was hard to tell if it was the right scale in the store, but for $3, I thought what the hell. Next to the building, it is pretty close to the right scale. The building is a taxi company and the car is exactly as wide as the roll-up door. It looks a bit short, maybe but close enough. All of the scenery is a bit smaller than the figures (my preference).

The car was very clean when it came out of the box (picture above) so I dirtied it up some with a wash (picture below). I wonder, though, where I'd be happier if I sprayed it black, painted it a more somber colour (brown) and dipped it. I think it might fit in better that way with the dirty Gotham I'm going for.

Up next: Some Maurice tonight with Bruce and then onto some terrain experiments for my MayDay Star Wars game (entrenchments). Children's modeling clay is interesting: inexpensive but oddly brittle.


Kevin Barrett said...

Your production rate is mind-boggling!

Bob Barnetson said...

You just need to lower your standards, my friend. Block paint and dip--none of this double priming to enhance highlights with the airbrush, then careful layering and washing and powdering and sealing. Hell, I didn't give Jess that kind of attention when she was a baby!

Kevin Barrett said... do you apply "careful layering" to a baby. Wait, don't answer that!