Sunday, April 15, 2012

A few Star Wars odds and ends

As I've been prepping for my MayDay Star Wars game, I have been adding bits and pieces. I picked up three Titanium series AT-STs. These are about 15mm walkers (at a guess) and fit in with my gaming space a bit better than the proper 25/28mm AT-ST I'm looking to sell.

They are still slightly too large to go with the AT-AT (which is a 10mm or so sculpt), but are close enough (there is not a lot of options that scale well). Overall, I'm quite happy with vehicles being at a smaller scale than the infantry (element-based gaming is abstract anyhow).

Again, a bit big compared to the snow speeders (also scaled at 10mm), but I can live with this.

Up next: Some renaissance guys are built and primered. And I need to prep my Tuesday game of 1812: The Invasion of Canada for the club.

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