Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter 2009 Campaign

We had 10 guys in my basement this afternoon participating in an eight-empire campaign. The overall winner was Dave C, followed by Terry S. Chris and Mark. Also playing were Bruce, Ian, Chen, Scott and Dave P. The game board was this modified wagon wheel.

The game started with Dave P and Scott duking it out for the Macedonian city of Delphi. Dave managed to lambast the Macedonians, seizing the city and setting the tone for Scott's day.

The summer saw two more battles, with the Egyptians wailing on the Indians and the Romans losing the battle to the Celts but coming out ahead on points.

We ended the year with Mark W and Dave C squaring off for the first of a series of battles. Dave's strategy appeared to be to intimidate other players into avoiding his army and this largely worked for him, allowing him to collect Mark as a vassal early on and the range far away from his homeland at the end of the game.

The broken armies of Scott and Terry also had a poke at one another in the north.

Year two saw another dust up with Dave C. and Mark as a result of which Mark became Dave's vassal.

Dave then quickly returned to fight Chen while his minion... errr... vassal beseiged Chen's retreat path. The Badassyrians beat the hell out of the Egyptians. This drove Chen back towards Mark's army which also gave him a pasting. In the meantime, Chris drove north and managed to sack the Roman capitol with Terry's army inside, thereby gaining his own vassal. This brought us to year three.

Mark chased Chen to his capitol, capturing it and gaining his own vassal. Chen and Mark then combined forces to fight off an Indian army attempting to seize Las Vegas.

In the north, Scott, and Terry threw in with Christ to trap Dave P and then fight him in Scott's capital, bring their three armies (well, one army and two partial wrecks) against Dave. Dave struck boldly but lost a key battle and then was slowly whittled down as the the remaining allies entered the board.

And thus ends an enjoyable day (7 hours) of gaming. Thanks to everyone who attended and to Mark and Dave for providing all of the armies.

Up next: Perhaps some 15mm Anglo-Irish and then maybe onto trying some of the 28mm plastics I have been socking away.


tim said...

Wow! What a great looking campaign, Bob! I love the map! Wish I could have been there!

- J said...

I love seeing the plastics in use. I just bought a bunch for a dive into a Volley and Bayonet Napoleonic set-up. We'll see how it goes.