Friday, December 26, 2014

WW2 US Engineering Company

Over the holiday, I finished off a company of engineers that were a part of this commission i'm working on. These are 15mm Battlefront models.

In addition to 11 bases of infantry (in a variety of uniforms), some armed with engineering equipment, there were two bases of flamethrowers.

There were also two bazooka stands and a CO.

To flesh out an existing company the owner has, I painted a 37mm ATG. Here you can see all three uniform type in some detail.

Finally, I painted some HQ elements. These include two rifle squads and a pair of bazookas. I thought I was all done except for a plane (which is now stripped) until another platoon of tank destroyers, a spotting plane and who know what else appeared in my mailbox. I hope to have this all wrapped up by New Years.

Up next: I'm working on some 54mm American command stands before returning to the 15mm WW2 stuff. Then eventually I'll be onto the 54mm British.

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