Sunday, December 14, 2014

15mm WW2 Artillery

I finished up 10 guns and 63 crew this weekend. All models are 15mm Battlefront US troops.

The first batch were four 105mm howitzers. I was asked to mix and match the uniforms some to include some older M1941 jackets, some OD green, herringbone twill fatigues, some M1943 outfits, and some of the short-lived camo outfits.

The idea was to create a beat-up looking unit. The camo was tricky--I needed enough contrast to survive the wash and also account for the colour shift all around.

The centre unit below includes two guys in camo (1st and 3rd) from the left, a fellow in herringbone twill (2nd from left) and a fellow in the M1943 uniform.

The second unit includes six 105mm light howitzers plus a few (unpictured) support stands (FO, CO).

Up next: Tuesday is club night. After that, there three or four more 15mm infantry units to paint up with differing uniform requirements. And then onto some 54mm AWI for the holidays.


Phil said...

Great job, beautiful minis, bases...and this command stnd is really nice!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Phil! Happy to have this commission moving along.