Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Some 54mm rebel militia

Yesterday, I finished up the last of the 54mm American infantry units I picked up. These are a militia unit (suitable for either side in the AWI, really) from All the King's Men.

There are twelve figures in the unit and they are cast with separate heads, which allows a degree of mix-and-match if you want a second (or third...), scruffy-looking unit. There is also an officer and drummer that are still on the painting pile, along with a bunch of other command and artillery figures.

I tried my best to create a "come as you are" look to the militia, using a mix of blocking and washes.

Some of these turned out better than others. I was pretty far outside my comfort-zone in terms of home-spun dye choices and went a bit too heavy into the greens.

For some reason, the guy above on the right has a hat that matches his rifle stock. And the fellows below all appear to be looking to the left of the (apocryphal) camera.

Overall, with three poses to choose from, I think I managed to steer away from the uniform look of the regular troops.

The workbench is covered with a few rebel figures (far left) a bunch of British troops (on trays) that are all ready to paint up. I also have four bags of Indian allies on a shelf.

Today was the first day Jessica was off school so we started out with some Pandemic (bad news there, folks...) and we'll see what the afternoon holds.

Up next: Hopefully the last of the AWI Americans for a bit as well as some more 15mm WW2 US troops. I also have  a plane in some Pinesol ("you're soaking in it...!") to get a bunch of nasty silver paint off. Might be a few days before I get any of these done!

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