Friday, August 3, 2012

Mission Fun and Games' new digs

I swung out to St Albert today to check out the new retail location of Mission Fun and Games. Mission has relocated to north end of St Albert, on the west side of St Albert Trail.

The new building is a former restaurant and is highly visible from the road. There is lots of free parking (both in the lot and on the road in behind it). They are just finishing the external painting and it looks great.

Inside, the public space is laid out in an L shape, with the long arm of the L running north-south and the  short arm running east-west. At the east end of the short arm is an octagonal (I think) space where gaming will occur. This is still under construction, but John said stuff is already being played there. Lots of windows here so good lighting.

The long arm of the L is the retail space and it is wonderfully open and roomy. It is also well lit with lots of displace space. In behind (to the right of the photo above) is the warehouse and shipping space. They are still unpacking some stuff but are open and basically ready to go. The remainder of the interior work will take about another 6 months or so.

Overall, a big improvement and a good move for Mission. Much more visibility, a better space and a big boost for gaming in the Edmonton area.

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Kevin Barrett said...

Thanks for the update, Bob!