Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wooden 28mm fences

I've been looking for some terrain for my Songs of Arthur and Merlin games and happened upon a GW box set at a swap meet last week. There are a bunch of buildings and other bits. But there was also about 13 feet of plastic fence.

There are two main types of fence: wooden and stone. I finished the wooden last night and the stone is still drying today. There are three of each piece which allows quite a bit of flexibility in positioning and look.

The trees were sculpted as dead trunks but I decided to flock them to add some life. Sure it was the dark ages, but Britain is verdant! I quite like the wooden picket fences. There are also segments of this woven style (the name of which eludes despite one of my neighbours having one).

There are also a couple of short pieces of the woven fence. The fence with the wagon wheel had a typical GW banner on a pike that I nipped off. The stump on the right was too short to add foliage to. I ran short on static grass and ended up using some flocking. It looks okay.

Up next: Tomorrow I'll have the stone fences done. Then a couple of trees. I need to drop some coin on a few more trees. Perhaps there is a cheap local option (gentle readers?). I also have a large gatehouse that I've painted and I'm working on some Saxons. Then onto some buildings and, perhaps, even a game.


Scott M said...

Definitely needs more skulls! ;)

Bob Barnetson said...

Dude, there were so many skulls that I carved off or hid with flock! I hate that part of GW. The buildings are crazy loaded with skulls.

Scott M said...

Someone at GW has some really serious issues when it comes to skulls

Rebecca A. Maynard said...
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Bob Barnetson said...

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