Sunday, August 26, 2012

28mm stone fences

The glue has finally dried on the stone fences I picked up at last weekend's swap meet. These are again a GW product (part of a fantasy village boxed set). There are three of each item in the set.

The small fence and tree on the left is probably my favourite. The tree was a stump that I added foliage to. Not sure why it looks so flat-topped on this picture--I will go back and add some more leaves!

I quite like the gate. I think this would do for dark ages and perhaps also more modern (a run-down cemetery or park maybe). The short section below has a tomb stone with (of course) a skull on it thrust up against the well. I decided to cover it with a large shrub.

Up next: I have a couple of trees based and I'm working on some Saxons (almost have all of the basic colours blocked in). After that perhaps I'll build and detail some larger wall pieces and couple of the houses. I was a bit reluctant to part with $100 but having all of my fence, wall and building needs taken care of at once is exciting and worth the expenditure.

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