Monday, July 30, 2012

FS painted 28mm Lord of the Rings HoTT army


I have for sale a painted 28mm Lord of the Rings "good" army for Hordes of the Things. This army comprises 18 bases worth 47 AP. There are also enough units here you could play an "all elf" army. 

All units have a 60mm frontage and come from a smoke- and pet-free home. All figures are GW metals or plastics (with one exception noted below).

First up we have Gandalf the White. I would play him as a 4AP Magician and, perhaps, as the General element. Alternately, you could use the Strider figure below (with Samwise lurking behind) as a 4AP hero General.

I have also included a second 4AP hero in the form of Legolas if you wanted a smaller army with heavy punch.

The bulk of the army comprises elves. There are four bases of 2AP shooters. I mixed up the colours to make the relatively few poses look more varied and dynamic.

There are also three bases of 2AP elven blades.

To add some extra punch, I put together two bases of 2AP dwarven blades.

Note that one of the bases includes an armoured hobbit to fill out the ranks.

I also did two bases of hobbits. I would play these as 1 AP lurker elements but they might also suffice as 2AP warband bases.

The only non-GW model is this small metal catapult, staffed by three hobbits as a 3AP artillery piece.

There is one mounted base, either a 2AP rider or knight stand. 

There are also a couple of elven heros if you wanted to play an all-elf army. This includes a mounted Glorfindel (a 4AP hero or a 2AP rider). 

There is also a 4AP hero in the form of a dismounted Glorfindel with guard.

Finally there is a stronghold. These are GW ruins with a Boromor figure. 

I'd like $200 OBO for this army. That is a bit higher than I've asked in the past, but the GW figures were more expensive. I will cover shipping to Canada or the US. All units will be bubble wrapped individually for protection.  Offers to .