Sunday, February 28, 2010

1/72 Indians and The Dip

Gaming buddy Dave recently pointed out a real deal in a local store: a box of 48 1/72-scale Italeri AWI Indians for $4.99 (regular $11.99) so I swung by and picked it up. I painted them up over about four hours and thought they would be a good way to show the "dip" technique (a request for my recipe was issued).

I used about 25% Pledge Floor Wax with Future and 75% black acrylic paint to prime these guys (after gluing them to the paint sticks). The pledge makes the paint just runny enough that priming by brush is easy. I then painted with acrylic paints and sealed them with the dip. This seems to sandwich the paint between the wax and prevents flaking.

The dip recipe varies but is about 1 tablespoon of straight floor wax combined with one brush dipped in black paint and one brush dipped in burnt sienna paint. A slow stir mixes without creating bubbles. You can see the darkness in the picture above against the white of the palette.

Here are some comparisons (undipped followed by dipped). While I wouldn't say my painting technique is careful (I go very fast), I do try to leave some shadows in place. The dip then accentuates these as well as adding lighter shadows in places I block painted.

And from the back.

Here are some fellows in coats:

And from the back.

The dip tones down the colour a bit and adds some depth. The effect is even more pronounced on metal or hard-plastic 28mm figures as they tend to have deeper-cut features.

Up next: Some terrain making will occupy my time and club night is Tuesday! I'll also finish these guys off by basing them.


Kevin Barrett said...


Most of your AWI stuff is 6mm...are you building a new army?


Bob Barnetson said...

Not sure. I was thinking of doing a War of 1812 project as a series of magazine articles and an interesting angle might be "what can you do with 1/72?" as there are no purpose-made War of 1812 figures. Plus it is coming up on 200 years since the war began and I need to keep Mark in pocket-money... .

Dave said...

Bob, I can't get Future to work as a primer- find it doesn't bind well to plastic (beads up, leaves bare patches) and lacks tooth, but horses for courses I guess. Rustoleum is the dogs bollocks for me.

The Hat Dutch militia set (8096) I just did for Quatre Bras could make OK Americans for 1812, they have stovepipe shako and simple tunics.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Dave. I have a box of Airfix ACW southerners that I will do next as US militia. THen we'll see how I feel about the whole project--no more enriching Mr. Wall for a new project until I have painted what I have on hand!