Friday, February 19, 2010

15mm Saracen Cavalry

I finished off another 27 15mm Legio-Herocia Saracen Cavalry last night.

There are three varieties. There are two bases of heavy cavalry.

A third base will get finished up with three remaining bases of command stands (drying as we speak).

There are also three bases of mediums.

The banners are tinfoil and paint.

There are also four bases of lighter troops.

Up next: Four more stands of cavalry should be done tonight. Then back to AWI rebasing. Then onto the 15mm Saracen foot. Somwhere in there I will be taking a five-day vacation to the coast for some sun (hopefully) and the smell of green grass!


Kevin Barrett said...


Your productivity continues to astound! Great figs!


Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks. Painting nice figures really helps keep my motivation up. I'm keen to have a week off and then get back to finish off the remaining figures in the army. Man, the sculptor of these was really talented.