Sunday, February 28, 2010

New mapping program

So I'm back from vacation and beginning to sort through spring projects, the most pressing of which is finishing the terrain for my MayDay game. I'd like to playtest it on March 16 so I need to move, move, move!

Bruce and I are also working on an AWI supplement for Impetus. One of the things we need to supply Lorenzo with are good-quality maps. So I've been playing around with Inkscape. This is my first effort:

Obviously the roads and rivers are pretty lame and need tweaking. But, by the time I did the trees, I was starting to get the hang of the program. The test will be whether I can convert the MayDay terrain set up into a good quality map!

Up next: The remainder of my 6mm AWI rebasing is now done. Plus I have some 1/72 Indians that I'm painting. I may use these to talk about my dip recipe. And I'm going to start "building" the 15mm Saracen foot I need to finish.


Broeders said...


Why not use Battle Chronicler? Allows you to create battlefield maps and also track (and show) how battles played out.

Bit fiddly at first but I got the hang of it eventually!

Bob Barnetson said...


There was an article in Battlegames suggesting Inkscape and it was free so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I will have a look at Battle Chronicler.



Bob Barnetson said...

Ah, now I remember. It is a Windows program and I use a Mac and l am not going to fiddle around trying to emulate Windows t get it to work. Lovely graphics though--i recall looking at this about a year ago.

Broeders said...

Fair do's. I'm a PC man but Macs are the bee knees for anything graphical.

Saw your 'dipped' Indians - fantastic.