Monday, February 8, 2010

WW2 Pictures in The Journal

Bruce, Mike and I recently had a comparison of WW2 rule set run The Journal of The Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers entitled: Measurement, Area or Horizon: A comparison of company-level WW2 rules.

A volunteer effort, the production values in The Journal can sometimes make photographs a bit unclear. I though posting up the colour version of the pictures might be useful.

These are all 10mm models from Pithead.

The buildings are all 6mm structures from Timecast (with plinths from Baccus) as are the hedges.

Up next: Some more rebased AWI and, when I finish the painting, some more 15mm Saracen cavalry.


PatG said...

I love the Kangaroos

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Pat; one of my favourite vehicles. I recall trying to use 1/72 Sherman and a 6 pdr ATG kits to build a Ram tank in the 1980s. Wow, did I ever have bad modelling skills! Nice to be able to get the proper kit so easily now days, like the Kangaroo. I don't think the Ram is available in any scale yet though.

Dave said...

WW2? Dude, you guys must have done this ages ago!

What was the verdict on company level rules then?

Bob Barnetson said...

Crossfire gave the most interesting game. PBI (the version we played) was stodgy and boring. BKC had interesting CnC and was accessible but the combat mechanics were tedious. Yes, we did this in November of 2008, I think. The delays in publishing are almost as bad as with academic presses!

Chen-song said...

Bob, Italeri is coming out with 1/72 quick build Kangaroos! (with the Priest I believe) Nostalgia time! :)

JFaria said...

Nice work