Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quick Update: Terrain, AWI, Saracens

Just a quick update before I duck out for a meeting this afternoon. I spent some time this week chipping away at a large number of 15mm Saracen horse. I'm done everything except the tack, rider clothing, shields and weapons. This sounds like a lot left but goes quite quickly--should be based up by Tuesday.

I also worked some more on my wooded area markers. Last week I created some with stiff felt, paint and foam core. The effect was okay but I was a bit disappointed.

I went back and decided to make the edges of the areas a bit more natural looking by curving them.

I think the result is an improvement.

So I painted up three more 12x18" panels to experiment with.

I also took a run at some more AWI rebasing. I have finished all of the British except a few more bases that I need to order figures for as well as adding on flags.

I did about 15 bases, including some American State troops. Likely I should have used different colours for the jackets. But the era is so blue versus red in my mind that I'm not going to repaint these fellows now.

I also did up some cannon. You can see the base where I misplaced the second cannon. I have left room for it in case it turns up before I order a replacement.

Up next: Well, 15mm Saracen horse plus club night on Tuesday!


Scott M said...

Wow, those wooded areas look nice. Curving them really did help.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks. The contrast between the stippled paint and the smooth edge was too jarring. Making them look curvier helps smooth that out. I wonder if I should also stippled the end of the foam core with paint and then set it on a slight smaller piece of foam core (painted brown) to create the effect of a canopy and trunks. Might be too much work.

Broeders said...

Nice work Bob. The tree template looks a lot better.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Phil--yes, a big improvement!