Thursday, November 8, 2012

FS matching 28mm LotR HoTT armies


I have for sale a pair of matched 28mm Lord of the Rings armies based for Hordes of the Things. If you threw in a few dark age men, a bear and some eagles you'd be set to play the Battle of Five Armies (just in time for the release of The Hobbit).

I'm asking $250 OBO plus shipping for the pair. Shipping in Canada or the US is approximately $35.

The Good Guys
The good guys are an elf-heavy army of GW metal and plastics. There are around 44AP  in this army (depending on how you classify some of the bases).

Up first is a hero base featuring Aragorn on a low bluff with a hobbit lurking in the background.

There are two bases of dwarves which I would play as blades. One of the dwarf bases has an armoured hobbit on it (couldn't find a dwarf figure to fill it out).

There are three bases of elven blades and four bases of eleven bow.

There is another hero with additional elf warrior. 

There is a magician (Gandalf in white), which is a nice figure,

There is another hero base with Legolas and a hobbit.

There are also two bases of hobbits (lurkers or warband) and a hobbit artillery piece (beware the flying turnips!).

Finally there are some mounted troops that could be players as knights or riders or even heroes.

And, of course, there is a stronghold.

The Bag Guys
The bad guys are a mix of goblins and orc with a few extras thrown in. There are about 46 AP in the army, depending on how you classify the bases.

There are four bases of goblin shooters, three bases of spear and four bases of blades (or warband).

There are three bases of wargs (although these are actually some sort of GW demon dog).

There is a base of mixed bow (goblin plus orc).

There is a hero base and a magician base, either of which could work as a general.

Finally, there are four bases of orcs that I would play as blades. These guys have a standard that could serve as a general.

There is no stronghold for the bad guys, but given the conflicted role of Borimor, I would think you could likely use the stronghold above for the bad guys too.

Shipping includes insurance, tracking numbers, individually bubble-wrapped bases floated in peanuts. Offers to .


Broeders said...

Great stuff Bob. Fantastic.

rhingley said...

Great set of armies. Best use of GW minis I've seen in a while.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks guys. I keep waiting for someone with some dosh to take them off my hands! I would have thought, with the Hobbit coming out, that these would have gone.