Thursday, November 29, 2012

15mm Polish cavalry

I knocked off another unit of 15mm polish cavalry for a commission. I'm a bit disappointed with the pictures--the models look much better in person.

I'm trying to match the box art and this is challenging me to paint in colours I would not normally choose. Deep purple, lime green, pink, ack!

I bought a copy of Super System, 3rd Edition last night and am quite looking forward to getting my superhero gaming going over the holidays. Same basic engine as Chaos in Carpathia and lots of scope to point up various heroes.

Up next: I finished a 28mm house and I have some 28mm warband-types on the bench. When I gets some more glue, I will continue to build more 15mm cavalry.

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fireymonkeyboy said...

There is only one way to keep faith with the pole!