Friday, January 15, 2016

Sherman paint fiasco and Battlelore troops

So, over the Christmas holidays, I painted up some Shermans for a game in a hurry. I didn't let the spay primer cure and, when I applied the matt finish, the paint crackled. You can see the crackling in the picture below on the right. I've never seen that before. 

I didn't want to have to strip and repaint the tanks so I tried to fix it with a second coat of the magic dip (above left). This muted the crackle appreciably. I then dull coated against and the result is acceptable (below). I need some US and Russian stars to finish these (and some other tanks)--anyone have some 15mm or 20mm decals they want to sell?

I have been painting the figures in my Battlelore game. I finished 16 medium foot. The results are okay (why are they all left-handed?).

The addition of some Little Big Man decals really help the figures along! These were a tiny bit fiddly to apply and needed some paint to make them fit. But overall I'm happy.

The crispness of the decals creates a much better effect than I could likely get with my shaky hand!

Up next: Bruce is hosting Cry Havoc at the club and I am painting on the Battlelore figures!


Preacher by day said...

Yes, those decals really do lift those guys. Very nice.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks. The decals are pretty sick.

Bob Barnetson said...

slick, not sick.

Terry Silverthorn said...

Hey Bob, I likely have 1/72 US/Soviet Decals, will take a look & bring Tuesday.

Bob Barnetson said...

Awesome. I'lL bring cash!