Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Battlelore light and heavy foot

A cold a snowy weekend gave me some time to make progress on my Battlelore painting project. Today I finished off the light foot as well as some of the heavies.

There were 16 light foot so I painted them in a batch.

The Little Big Man shield decals really help. The decals didn't fit the lights as well as they did on the mediums so I ended up extending some decals to cover the whole shield with paint.

Mostly that worked out okay and the shields are very colourful!

I also started on the heavy foot. The fellows below are (I think) the foot that came with the original base game. The shield decals really help an otherwise uninspiring pose.

I also bought an expansion and it came with more dynamic heavy foot.

These guys had a pattern embossed on their shields so I just painted that instead of bother with decals.

Up next: I'm hoping to play some Cry Havoc at the club on Tuesday. On the painting table I have the rest of the bowmen (thank goodness: 32 identical bow is a chore) plus a few mounted troops.


DeanM said...

Very nice work on these, Bob. Looking forward to seeing how you game them.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks. Starting to get the hang of 15mm again! There are a fair number of these to go so a game will be awhile out. But basically intend to play Battlelore as is, just with painted figs!

Paul Howes said...

Splendid Painting style on these tiny figures.
They Certainly Look Great! Greetings Beano Boy