Sunday, January 10, 2016

Battlelore crossbow troops

I moved a few more Battlelore missile troops to completion as I await decals for the foot. This batch are crossbow men from one of the expansions.  Not a bad match for the bow that I painted last week.

There were a dozen of these guys, comprising three units. I did their caps as metal. I wonder now, looking at the pictures, if they are actually leather?

Again I tried to mix up the colours to create a colourful and slightly ragged look to the troops. Battlelore uses banner shape and colour to denote who is who so the outfits don't need to be matchy-match.

These guys are all right handed. I'm working on the medium infantry right now. They are the most numerous pose and they are all southpaws. Which is weird.

Up next: Likely some more Battlelore but timing will depend upon the arrival of shield transfers.