Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Battlelore: First of the mounted

I finished off the first of the mounted units for Battlelore. I picked three different poses and did a unit of each for a total of nine figures.

These fellows with the long swords are from the Code of Chivalry expansion (I think). Overall, these are probably the nicest of the mounted figures, with decently sculpted horses.

These fellows are from the same expansion. The horses are a bit squat-er bit the key problem is their lances are terribly warped. I tried all of the usual tricks to straighten them but the plastic is very soft. I wonder if I can disguise the issue a bit with some pennants?

These are the regular cavalry from the original base set. The riders are nice enough but the horses looks like a pony and a pig had a baby.

You can see the difference between a bad and a good horse in the shot below.

Up next: I'm off to Bruce's to game Tuesday. I should have another dozen medium foot done by the weekend. I'm also working on a dozen dwarf spearmen (as a change of pace).

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