Tuesday, July 17, 2012

28mm hobbits for HoTT

I've come to quite enjoy lurkers in HoTT. They keep the other guy honest about using terrain, they don't cost much, and it is fun to jump out of some woods and bag an element.

The collection of Lord of the Rings figures I picked up at the MayDay auction included a lot of hobbits so I did up two bases of lurkers. These could also be warband. Please pardon the overly vibrant red--my camera seems to have trouble coping with red these days.

I also did a base of artillery crewed by hobbits. The artillery piece I got in a trade from someone and the crew are just repurposes GW figures. There is a stack of boulders obscured by the catapult.

Up next: Tonight I'll be playing some HoTT at the club and then I have a couple of more LotR units (a camp and some mounted) that I'm just finishing up. Then a break for a week and then onto some 15mm Polish cavalry.

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