Sunday, January 3, 2010

More 28mm Celts

I managed to knock off another 8 Celts last night, adding two 3Wb and one 2Ps to my growing host of hairy guys. These are the two 3Wb from the front. interesting how photography always brings up various glue stringers that are invisible to the naked eye!

And here they are from the back. The capes and bedroll (furthest right) are all putty. Maybe too many capes and too much baggage for soldiers going into combat? Oh well!

Here is an upclose shot of the bedroll I built. Clearly room for improvement with the sculpting but this is better than my first attempt.

Below are the 2Ps I did I had a helluva time getting a good shot of them (apologies for the blurriness). The fellow in front is just a straight build. The fellow behind with the bow required some carving. I was pretty uncertain about this but, with incremental cuts, I managed to get a nice looking figure and only had to add a strap for the quiver. I will get a better picture of this next time!

And here is the entirety of the horde so far. Not too impressive but very fun to do.

I also knocked off 48 Roman shields last night. I am growing to like the rub-on transfers more as I get used to them. Trying to do waterslides of this size would be tricky and I only managed to really mess up one transfer (that I salvaged with some paint/mud).

Up next: I have built four Roman legionnaires to see if I could get 4Bd on a 60mm base. It is possible if the figures are built carefully and arranged so they are facing sideways. There is even enough room for one fellow to be turned more square to the front to throw a pilum. These are currently being painted up.

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