Saturday, July 30, 2016

Aurelian and Dragon Rampant

Vacationing has pre-occupied me these past few weeks but I have managed to squeeze in a couple of games. Bruce introduced me to Aurelian this past week. This is a card driven game where the armies are also cards (although you could miniaturize it).

My impressions after one game is that opportunity cost is a central feature of the game. I both ran out out of cards and got my ass kicked in combat. Managing the number of activation/event cards is really important. Interestingly, there are no dice: combat is the unit's basic factor plus a card (you can choose from your had or blindly from your pile) compared to the other unit's numbers. I'd certainly play again.

I also busted out some 15mm fantasy figures to play a six-player game of Dragon Rampant with some celebrity guests from the east. Not sure the scenario was my greatest idea but everybody seemed to learn the mechanics quickly and my team won (and Tim managed to win the individual title).

Up next: I have a few figures under way painting-wise and club night is Tuesday.


GGouveia said...

Bob so what games seem to be popular at the club lately? Would there be any interest in playing Dead Man's Hand? I have everything for it in 18mm. Do people just show up with a game and see who is interested or is there a site to advertise an upcoming game to generate interest?

Bob Barnetson said...

George, the club has migrated to Facebook and that is where discussions of upcoming games typically happen:

Usually guys offer to bring out a game and teach it. No idea about Dead Man's Hand--haven't heard of it. There are no particular trends at the club--often what is on offer is what get played.

GGouveia said...

It's a fun wild west game. I'll try to make it out next time.