Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 19 Club Night

We had 14 guys out at the club this week, which was pretty good given the lovely summer weather.

Dave hosted a game of Blucher with John, Guy, Scott and newcomer Alan playing. Elliott and Kevin faced off over some third edition Warmachine.

Bruce brought his Black Ops gangster game out for Steve, Terry, Wiley and I. We played twice. Game one saw the FBI find the still relatively quickly and make good progress. Until suddenly the tables turned and they were running out of guys to complete their victory conditions with!

We called the first game for the gangsters. We switched side and played again. This time, the FBI troops stays tightly together. This allowed multiple attempts at observation, allowed multiple figure melees and shooting, and gave the FBI more control over when they would spotted.

This game lead to a gangster rout after about 40 minutes. It was interesting to see the tactics evolve. I wonder if the defensive tactic is to cluster guys around the leader in blinds so as to minimize the amount of picking off the attacker can do before general combat breaks out?

Up next: I need to sort out a game I'm hosting and also get back to painting. I have a 1/72-scale tank destroyer just about done.

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Terry Silverthorn said...

I think you may have hit on something Bob, having the defenders use more Dummy blinds & hopefully have the guards actually observe something, assuming of course they stop walking into walls.