Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dragon Rampant at the club

We had a dozen guys out at the club last night. I put on a game of Dragon Rampant. My magic users were not yet finished so this was a straight up fight with a monster thrown in.

Above, the beefy soldiers of King Ralph march to recover the Bitumen Cross looted by the Riders of Flatland and currently being carried east across the vermilion fields.

The flatlanders had a tough time getting going and then ran into a giant werebear (therebear) that cleaned out a few units before finally dying.

Towards the end of the game, the foot carrying the cross swung around the right flank while the left flank frozen by a mounted sally. The flatlanders eventually made it off the board.

Dave hosted Terry, Dennis and Scott in a game of Chain of Command. The Brits again had a tough go with the Germans in Normandy.

There was also some third edition Warmachine on the hop.

A second game of Dragon Rampant saw a much more contested fight for the Bitumen cross. The flatlanders tried to rush the cross up the left side of the board (in background below) and lost it! Damned dwarves! But the dwarves were in moral trouble.

Eventually, the dwarves failed morale after their leader was killed in battle, leaving the cross to the flatlanders. barely.

Up next: Some 15mm magic users and heroes.

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