Saturday, November 29, 2014

Few items for sale

I have few items for sale. These include painted 15mm French and Prussian armies for the FPW.

I also have a painted 28mm Arthurian warband (plus dragon!) for sale.

Up next: I had to ship off some 15mm WW2 without taking photos this week. I'm presently working on some 54mm AWI foot. There is another 15mm WW2 army sitting on the shelf awaiting attention. And the club is Tuesday.


Scott M said...

Hey Bob, which rule set are you going to use for your 54mm guys? Have you looked into Osprey's new Land of the Free rules? Thinking about maybe picking it up for War of 1812.

Bob Barnetson said...

Haven't seen Land of the Free yet. Was looking at miniaturizing Hold the Line or maybe trying All The King's Men's house rules. But will be awhile before I get enough painted! These figures are huge!