Saturday, November 22, 2014

Horde of hanomags

A snowy Saturday let me finish up eleven 15mm hanomags. These are a mix of Battlefront and Plastic Soldier kits.

Overall, there isn't much to choose between these kits. The Battlefront kits are slightly more expensive but come with decals, troops and a 37mm cannon option. There are slightly fewer pieces to the Battlefront models but they don't go together perfectly.

Below, you can see the Plastic Soldier (left) and Battlefront (right) kits. The Plastic Soldier kits have very fine tolerances and go together very nicely. The MGs are too thin to survive removal from the sprue (most I replaced with extras from the Battlefront kits) but the sprues also come with an assortment of spare tires, tarps, jerrycans and gear (which I spreads across both types of hanomags).

A top-down view shows the size difference the best. It is a very small difference that is hard to see on the table.

Up next: A bucketload of 15mm German mountain troops are primed and underway, bringing this set of commissions to a close.

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