Saturday, November 1, 2014

Some 15mm WW2 German tanks

I'm working on a small commission: some 15mm late-war German tanks mostly. These are Battlefront models.

There were six Panzer 4 with skirts in the box. I am also assembling an additional five of these from a Plastic Soldier kit. The plastic kits are slightly more assembly but they glue a bit easier than the resin, plastic and metal Battlefront kits.

There were also four 37mm AA guns on a Panzer 4 chassis (I think) and a King Tiger.

Up next: Still on the workbench are two Pak 40s, five Panzer 4s and a bunch of guns. It is also club night on Tuesday.


Phil said...

They look great, nice job!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Phil. I've finished building the second part of this commission and am just spraying the base coat on today.