Monday, October 6, 2014

More 54mm AWI

Over the weekend, I finished painting up the lot of 54mm All the King's Men figures I picked up on TMP. These included a Washington general figure. It was hard to find a base big enough for his pose!

I also painted a cannon and four crew. The crew turned out nicely, I think. I quite like the subtle differences you get painting the American troops. No standard dye lots with homespun!

The cannon was a pre-assembled six pounder. I left the barrel brass colours (as I liked it) and painted the rest to match. I see many of the other pictures of this piece has it painted as iron. Oh well!

I also painted four command figures. These are identical figures but you can get a bit of mileage out of slight colour changes as well as slight variations in their orientation on the base. I need to find some 54mm flags for these guys. Had to fashion the poles from skewers.

Up next: I ma finishing basing Craig's scifi infantry and it is games night tomorrow!


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