Saturday, October 11, 2014

15mm late war French armour

A commission came in on Thursday--three WW2 armies in 15mm. I started on the late-war French at the owner's request. There is a mix of tanks and infantry and guns. Since the tanks arrived built--I painted them immediately.

There were three Shermans with 75mm guns. The owner had tricked them out with stowage and two had air recognition panels to paint.  There were also a pair of the Easy Eight Shermans with 76mm guns.

Although I find it hard to believe, I actually ran across a tank I have not painted before. These are four M18 Hellcats. These were nice models with crew in the open turrets.

There were also a pair of armoured cars. I think these are M-20 utility cars (I always get these mixed up with the Greyhounds).

Up next: Some gaming on Tuesday and onto some 15mm late-war French infantry.


Sean said...

Just caught up with the blog. Surely no lack of variety here. I particularly liked the 54mm AWI stuff.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thank Sean. Yes, a bit all over the place, no? Will be 15mm WW2 for awhile, though!