Wednesday, September 3, 2014

War of 1812 at the club

Our first games night of the fall and we had 16 guys with five games running (basically a full house--any more games and we would have spilled over into the foyer!).

Chen hosted a game of Strange Aeons and there was some Warmachine. Bruce hosted a WW2 game. And Dave hosted an ancient game. Lots of genres last night and almost every scale from 6mm to 54mm. One of our better nights, I think--thanks to all of the hosts for their efforts!

I played All the King's Men (War of 1812) with Scott, using his lovely 54mm metal figures. Wow, what a look! This was my first time through the rules. I like the card activation and the multiple activations (with decreasing effectiveness). 

The first game was all Britain. It was the second battle of Mackinac and the British artillery quickly brewed up the American arty. Then the indian allies paid a surprise visit to the American flank.

And then another visit on the other flank and game over. Yankee go home!

We played a second game switching sides and this was much more close run. The Indians were still a pain in the butt for the Americans but the Americans managed to break them with disciplined fire (and dumb luck). At the end, I'd say it was a bloody draw.

Overall, an interesting game. I wonder what it would play like in centimetres. There was little room for manoeuvre in the game--basically set 'em and go forward. The decisions were about which units to activate, when. These were good decisions, mind you. But a slower game with more modest ranges might make for an interesting experiment (not sure about range versus unit footprint). I'd certainly play again. And 54mm is very attractive!

Up next: Assuming the weather starts to turn, Iw ill get bad to some 1/72-French. Then I picked up a DropZone Commander Commission which requires some building and painting.


tim said...

I've been following the painting progress on Scott's blog. Nice to see them finally in action - they look fabulous!

Bob Barnetson said...

Oh yeah, lovely and hoot to play with! I have been eyeing the AWI line. But need to save my scheckles for awhile--at $5 a figure, units ain't cheap!

Disgruntled Fusilier said...

I really like the ATKM rules - haven't played a game yet but as I switch from 20mm to 15mm I'm tempted to use the leftover 20mm troops for ATKM. This is the first ATKM after-action report I've seen. Thanks for posting.

Bob Barnetson said...

No worries--a decent set of rules, I think. Some of the battles look huge (thing we played a small one).

Scott M said...

I've got enough figs (painted and unpainted) I think to be able to do Chrysler's Farm. I think playing on the 2 tables is a bit small and it should maybe be played on 3 tables.

irishhighlander said...

Looks like fun. Not sure if there are any clubs in Nova Scotia, but I'd start one when I go home. Care to join my blog?