Saturday, September 27, 2014

Some 54mm AWI Continentals

A couple of weeks back, Scott brought some 54mm War of 1812 figures and rules from All The King's Men out to the club. We've had big figures out before (Dave had some nice WW2 figures as well as some Naps at one point. But I was blown away by the toy soldier look Scott achieved.

A few days later, there was a fellow on TMP selling some AWI figures by ATKM so I plunked down my money. A 12-man infantry unit plus command, a 6lb cannon and a Washington figure were included (plus rules, tokens, bases and trays. The 12-man unit had the coats, facings, vests and trousers done (a mix of block painting the darker colours and washes over white for the lighter colours) so I picked up where their former owner left off and also added in some layering and the magic dip.

Given this Frankenstein's-monster approach to painting, I was pretty happy with the results (especially given the eye-searing risks of red over white primer). The bases look like Litko--not sure who makes the movement trays. I think these guys could use a coat of flat sealer. I've made some progress on the command figures (need to fabricate a flag and pole) and have primed the rest of the figures.

Up next: I have built the second set of 10mm Dropship Commander figures Craig gave me to paint. I will spray they copper tomorrow (needs a bit more heat than we have today) and proceed to detailing. Then maybe back to these 54mm fellows.


Disgruntled Fusilier said...

The ATKM guys look terrific. Are you going to use them for their ATKM rules, or a different rules set?

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks. Came with the ATKM rules which I thought were okay (I've played way worse!). No thoughts yet. individual bases allow a lot of flexibility. I am a long way from having adequate troops to play much of anything, though!

Scott M said...

They look great Bob! ATKM sells the bases too but I believe they actually are Litko. No idea about the tray, though it looks pretty nice.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks--nice figures so that sure helps! The metal has much more depth than the 1/32 plastics I have painted before. Looking forward to trying the gun crews from scratch.