Thursday, August 21, 2014

Gangsters at the Club

We had more than a dozen guys out at the club on Tuesday night. There was a game of Bolt Action (no pics!) and a game of DBA going on.

I played in Bruce's gangster's game with Terry, Steve and Larry. I was the coppers and was pretty careful about my victory conditions. Below, you can see the sleepy streets of Chicago as the game got under way.

Since Bruce is going to run this at Fallcon, I won't spoil it for those who are playing by revealing too much. Below you can see some of my coppers hanging out by a statute of General Lee. These fellows will long be remembered for pushing my point total over the top with their noble sacrifice.

With Chain Reaction, there is usually a fair bit of stupidity that happens during the game, as things run out of control. One of Terry's fellows jumped in a truck, gunned it, got shot and then the truck went to of control crashing into the police station. At the same time, an FBI guy got carried away in a roadster (stupid febbies...), tried to crash through the doors of the firehall and instead piled into the wall. Despite my troops fleeing the board, the coppers won on points in the end (which was rather vindicating).

Up next: Likely some 1/72-scale French WW2 infantry.

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