Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nations at War: Belgium 1940

Bruce put on a Nations at War game last night, focused on the German push through Belgium in May of 1940. I played the bad guys with two mixed brigades of Germans against a two French (one armoured and one infantry group). Points were awarded for destroying units and taking towns.

I advanced to contact and tried to swing around the right side of the French infantry line. After some dithering, I managed to do that and started to roll up his position, aiming to get my tanks into his rear area (where the very annoying artillery barrages were coming from...).

The left side of the line saw a tank slug-fest where the armour of the French tanks gave them immense resiliency. Here I managed to overrun a few tanks and get my heavy tanks (well, Panzer 3s...) with the commander in a position to also strike into the rear area--essentially abandoning the rest of my brigade (fortunately the French were equally disordered).

These two pincer met in the artillery park. At this point, the Germans were well ahead on kills and starting to take towns. And Bruce twice got hooped by the activation cards so we called it for the Germans. I know this game isn't for everyone, but I quite like the level of decision-making it offers. It feels like running two DBA-sized armies and nicely models some stuff, including breakthroughs.

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