Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dropship Commander vehicles

Craig asked me to paint up his starter box for Dropship Commander. I finished off the decaling on the human faction vehicles today.

These model looks to me to be about 10mm and are hard plastic. They are fantastically engineered and cast with amazing tolerances. I don't really care for assembly, but these were a dream with well thought out joints, no flash and simple construction.

I painted these up much like the book suggested. I may have strayed a bit light (I used a can of Russian green I had laying around as the base colour). The APCs are nice enough models.

There are two different tank-like vehicles. The anti-air type (above) has a gatling cannon while the anti-tank type (below) has some sort of laser (or rail?) gun. I didn't read the background fluff in the rules.

Up next: There are three drop ships that I'm just finishing along with six units of foot.


Chen-song said...

Looks great Bob! Does Craig play the game? I have a bunch of Scourge models coming in the mail, including the big one that looks like a reaper from Mass Effect, but I plan on using them for other games.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Chen. I think Craig will play as soon as I finish his forces!