Saturday, March 8, 2014

Springtime in the new forest

I decided it was time for a periodic refreshing of my terrain so I passed my old trees onto Bruce and spend some cash I earned on painting commissions on some new HO-scale Woodland Scenics trees.

I based them on washers and textured the bases but otherwise didn't fuss with them. They fit in well enough with 1/72-scale figures and one-per hex should work in CCA-style games.

I now have 24 trees which is enough to do this tree-heavy scenario at the club in 10 days. Between these trees and recent figure production, I think I'm good. Only question is how to denote the wagon lagers. I downloaded a paper wagon but it looks way to fiddly to do five. I wonder if there is a "top-down" crowd or camp shot I could just print out to denote the hexes are off limits. Even a top-down campfire would likely work.

Up next: Some 1/72-scale Germanic horse are coming along nicely. Since the weather is cooperating, I will also go out today and spray prime a steampunk fleet for painting.

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