Wednesday, March 19, 2014

EWG Club Night... and I actually won a game!

We had ten guys out at the club last night, including new(isn)comer Brendan. Scott and I played some CCA, using a Boudica scenario from the second expansion. This was a huge number of units (maybe 35) and it posed some major traffic issues for the British player (far side of table).

Gane one saw a lucky British win (8-6) on the strength of a couple of cavalry charges and some bloody lucky dice rolling.

Traffic management was a major challenge. I'm not sure Boudica and her daughters ever got off the baseline.

We switched sides and the Romans won the second game 8-5 (a more historical outcome). There was a bit of cheese at the end where Boudica led a chariot charge and then the chariot died during the retreat. Again, a traffic issue--which was one of the factors in the actual battle.

I can't recall the last time I won a single game of CCA against either Chen or Scott, let alone a pair. I was starting to think the game was broken... :). Kevin hosted Elliot and Chen in a game of Ogre, which was a pretty cool reproduction of the original components.

And Dave hosted Dennis, Terry, and Bruce in a Bolt Action crossing of the Meuse. This was still underway when I left with the French taking a fair pounding by the Luftwaffe and some panzers. Where are the Char Bis?

Up next: Various sets of 1/72-scale horsemen are underway. It looks like winter will return for a few days so perhaps I will get some of them painted up.

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