Saturday, February 9, 2013

FS Painted 28mm Roman Army


The old must go to make room for the new so I will be liquidating a bunch of 28mm ancient armies over the next few days. Up first is a large, painted 28mm Roman army (mix of Republican and early Imperials). All come from a smoke- and pet-free home and I will cover the cost of shipping in Canada or the US.

There are 11 bases of legionnaires. Two of the bases (back row) have longer spears so could be used as triarii if you were so inclined. These are all Wargames Factory figures. Basing is 60mm frontages but these would come off their bases with a quick soak if you wanted. This group includes a general stand.

There are also six bases of early Imperials from Warlord Games. Again 60mm frontages and a general stand.

I converted some Wargames Factory legionnaires to make four bases of auxilia. I quite like the hand-painted shields and mixed clothing on these guys.

There are three bases of Wargames Factory Roman cavalry--two heavy one light and they include an optional general stand.

I also converted two bases of cavalry into centaurs to give the army a fantasy option.

There is one ballista (maybe Zvezda) with Wargames Factory crew conversions.

There are five bases of light troops--a mix of Wargames Factory and (I think) Old Glory. Some slingers, some spears.

There are four command-style bases. Two are circular mounts and would allow you to split this army for Roman civil wars. One fellow is decked our as per the Republicans; the other guys is more Imperial.

There are also two Warlord Games metal general--one guy on a horse and one guy on foot. I have used these as fantasy units (heros, magicians) sometimes.

Finally, there is a camp with Warlord Games metals and some plastic troopers in the background. The general appears to be making a sacrifice while his lady-friend and slave look on. This is a 120mmx120mm piece.

I built these for DBA/HoTT but I have used them with Commands and Colors Ancients and they would also work for WAB, Hail Caesar or whatever takes your fancy. The painting is some of my better work. There are 112 foot, 13 mounted, and 1 artillery piece.

I'd like $300 for this set and I'll cover the postage in Canada or the US. Postage to Europe of ANZAC is likely to be awful. Offers to I will have a Celt/Gaul army up tomorrow and then a Carthagian army up Monday.


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